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Activities in Olmeto Plage

So much to do from our hotel!

Welcome to Olmeto Plage in the Gulf of Valinco, right by the sea. Its yellow sandy beaches straddling the crystal-clear water and its pleasant little creeks make it the perfect holiday destination. From nautical activities and diving to boat rides and relaxation, there’s something for everyone here. 

Just a few kilometres from the beach, the River Baracci with its refreshing waters is the perfect place for swimming or canyoning. It offers a spectacular and sporty course combining waterfalls, rocks for abseiling, slides dug into the granite, and natural swimming pools perfect for diving. The river’s source is in the upper area of the Taravo river and empties into the Valinco near the municipality of Olmeto. If you want to enjoy a spot of relaxation and wellness, you can indulge in the powers of the naturally warm and sulphurous waters of the Bains de Baracci, a thermal spa located in Olmeto.

Near the hotel, discover the beautiful vineyards, or enjoy a spot of hiking or cycling.