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A major prehistoric site in Corsica

Classed as a historic monument since 1980, Filitosa, Corsica’s premier prehistoric site, has a history spanning 8000 years. It boasts some of the best collections of megalithic and prehistoric art in Europe. Just 10 minutes by car from the hotel, it's a must-visit site for anybody interested in history. 

Excavations began in 1956, yet it was a few years before in 1946 that Charles-Antoine Cesari first discovered some remnants on the family property. In 1949, Pierre Lamotte, then director of the departmental archives in Corsica, was the first official to understand the importance of this discovery. 

This vast architectural site is composed of a Cyclopean enclosure, three Torrean monuments (the Torreans being natives of Ancient Corsica), six sculpted menhir statues, a village of huts, and a variety of different objects excavated, such as fragments of ceramics or weapons. The meaning behind the granite menhir statues, mostly human-shaped, still remains a mystery.

Since 2015, Filitosa has decided to boost its popularity at a national and international level with a new archaeological museum displaying objects dug up on the site.