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The town of Sartène

Just 20 km from the Hotel Le Ruesco

During a stay in 1839 as an inspector of historic monuments, author Prosper Mérimée called Sartène “the most Corsican of all Corsican towns”. The largest town on this beautiful island in terms of area, it is also one of the jewels of Southern Corsica. With its imposing monuments and its magnificent views, Sartène is sure to enchant you. Nestled in the mountains at an altitude of 300 m and 14 km from Propriano, the town has been standing proudly since the Middle Ages atop the rocky spur of Pitraghju. 

Behind the town hall and church lies a picturesque world you’re sure to fall in love with, with narrow streets criss-crossed by arches, stairway passages, vaults and large granite houses. Just beyond the Place du Maghju, discover the Pitraghju district, the site of the former citadel. Other places worth visiting are the Rue du Purgatoire, the town’s main street located behind the church, as well as the Ruelles Caramama and Carababa.

Near the town hall, as you descend the stairs by the post office, you can also see L’Echauguette, a 17th century Genoese tower that is the only remain of the walls that once surrounded Sartène.