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Roccapina Bay

An iconic site in Southern Corsica

Like a master sculptor, time can chisel away at rock forms to create beautiful natural sculptures. At the Erbaju Beach, a large pink granite rock resembling a mighty lion stretching out overlooks Roccapina Bay at an altitude of 144 metres. Between Propriano and Bonifacio, discover one of the most iconic sites in Southern Corsica.

This is yet another superb site where history and legend go hand in hand. Envied by many, the island of Corsica had to adapt to respond to attacks. Take for example the Genoese tower built at the start of the 17th century (today a ruin yet still visible). It was built facing the southwest coast in order to face enemy attacks. For a short hike, head across the Cap de Roccapina; allot a half day to explore the area.
To get a perfect view overlooking the tower and the lion, head towards Bocca di Roccapina.