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Corsica’s picturesque capital

Just 1 hour 15 minutes from the hotel, Bonifacio boasts an exceptional location on the island’s most southerly point. With its magnificent white cliffs, the town looks out onto the Mediterranean, being just 14 km from the coast of Sardinia. 

Bonifacio (named after Count Boniface II, Margrave of Tuscany) is a must-visit site in Corsica. Encircled by fortifications, the old town is perched on a narrow and high limestone outcrop shaped by the sea and the wind. It is separated from the coast by a 1500 m-long ria, at the end of which there is a lovely marina. Formerly a secure harbour for warships, the port is now home to moorings for pleasure boats. 

From the sea, the upper town appears even more striking, with its old houses perched on the cliffside. If you have the time, go for a boat ride behind the cliffs or to the Lavezzi Islands. The wonders at the heart of the Bonifacio Strait International Marine Park are unforgettable.